What does God say?

It has been approximated that the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki, killed approx over 200,000 people. Clearly that magnitude of immediate destruction of human lives marked a point in history that was considered unprecedented. In the last 10 days a cyclone in Burma & a earthquake in China, have death totals approaching 250,000 or more. Does this cause anyone to take a simple MOMENT to pause ? I would suggest we should. Click on the following links and take a moment to hear God's word in your life: Signs of the Times and Prophecies.

Mother's Day / Grandma's Day

We had brunch at the Wellington with Lisa's Grandmother on mother's day. Here is the gang. WARNING: some of the pictures are graphic and disturbing.

5:33 MILE !!

Brandon is in 7th grade. He ran a 5:33 mile time this year. This is really fast!!!!!!!!!

Chris is 43 YRS OLD !!

Chris turned 43 on May 11th. When he was a kid, he loved the cartoon Go Speed Racer Go!! So for his Bday, he took Collin to the new movie...yes..SPEED RACER!! When they where done with the movie the local San Clemente Times interviewed both Chris and Collin. Attached is the newspaper article...PLEASE notice the ages of all the people that gave reviews...do you notice anything unusal ????

Millennium Systems, Inc.

Hey....check out our new upgraded websites: www.Nextmill.net AND www.OnSiteTechnicians.com

Robert Woodruff

Robert Woodruff (1922-2008)...........Lisa's grandfather, Bob, passed away today. In his memory I have posted some pictures. If family would like to email me others, I would love to post them as well. May Bob rest in peace with Christ almighty. John 3:16 .....Here is Bob's Obiturary online.

Lisa is 43!!!

Well well well.....Lisa turned 43....yes, she is married to a younger man.....Happy Bday Lisa!!

Oklahoma !! ?? !!

That's right....Cameron went to Oklahoma for a swim meet....WATCH him with the following link, super cool ...........nothing like swimming in December.

FIRE in San Diego / Jamul

My Mom was evacuated from her home in Jamul for 6 days!!! On Saturday, my brother Ernie, his girlfriend Imelda, Jan & my mom, and myself hiked up to her home. They still are not allowing people to go in due to hot spots. Here is what we saw!!!!!!!! .........her home was saved by the awesome work of firefighters. Some of the pictures in the gallery show her neighbors home, The Bests, which unfortunately burned. God Bless all those that fought these fires.....may the recovery for those who lost homes be quick.

CrossCountry at St. Marg

Brandon is in 7th grade running cross country. They hold multi school meets all over Southern California. Here are pictures of his first two meets. He placed 10th overall in both. First runner for his school. He competes with 6th / 7th / and 8th graders. We turned him into a cartoon for the first picture!!

Final Posting from Kauai

We are on a plane tommorrow back to California.....hope you enjoy a few misc shots .....here they are...aloha!

Our Fisherman

Cameron went deep sea fishing with Dr. Ren and Joe .....Dad does not have sea legs.....the fish that is cut in half was bitten!!!..in half by a shark when they were reeling it in......ooooo boy.

Misc Stuff

Check out my rainbow!!! ...Our house we are staying at...boys on the pier....at the beach....etc etc....enjoy.....who is this great photographer?? Stay tuned.....kite pictures coming.....

Kiteboarding Happiness!

Everyone remain calm...I realize this is simply what we all have been waiting for! Unfortunately, the trade winds came down on my "picture" day....I lost the 25-30mph winds....and found myself on a 9 meter kite in 18-22mph...so you will have to wait a few more days for my monster airs...hahaha.....enjoy the pictures....

Simple happiness......

.....say no more.

UnderWater Hawaii

These pictures...specifically the turtles....are in honor of Anne Galvan. Ann these are in front of our house....hundreds of them.....turtle pictures taken by Brandon Price

Kauai Vacation.....Great to be back!

Back in Kauai for vacation .......here are a few misc shots of the first 48 hours ......stay tuned for more....Chris will get air kiting....all about Chris..............hahaha.

Summer Junior Olympics / Swimming

Cameron spent 5 days up in Santa Clarita for the Summer JOs. He was swimming his last 14 yr old age group meet, bettering his times in every event he swam. His goal is to move on to Sectional Time Standards. His 200 breaststroke was 2:39:25....which is alittle under 3 seconds away. Did I mentioned he is turning 15 soon !!!!


HUGE Day folks....HUGE...every now and then one must stop and understand the magnitude of the moment!....for all of you who don't know what today is...let us share a very proud occcasion with you..today is July 11th...or better known as: 7-11 ...well we went to our favorite store: 7 Eleven on 7-11 at 7:11:00 at night ...In 7-11 on 7-11 at 7:11 .....Get It?...Does it get any better than that? ....See photo of guy from India that works as the cashier at 7 ELEVEN....ARE we living large or what ? ......Yes...we got FREE slurpees.....life is good!


Just got a new underwater camera for my kite surfing....took some shots in the pool to test it out. Olympus 770SW...7 megapixels....shockproof...can go 30 feet under water..... Check it out here

Collin's 11th Bday!

11 !!!! Our youngest.....ahhhhh. A handful of good buddies over.

8th Grade Graduation

Oh man....High School here we come...Cameron is now going to be a Freshman in High School..........Oh boy.

Boxing, Burritos, and Blessing

Special night for Journ Galvan, who turned 13 years of age...a teenager..aaahh!!....so the Galvans came over and the men lead the Christian Blessing for Journ!! The blessing time was AWESOME and the burritos were great....then we watched Mayweather beat De La Hoya in boxing ...what a night.

D.C. Day 2

Day 2 Washington DC

DC & Virginia Misc

Visited Chris's old home, in Virginia, he lived in when he was 8-11 yrs old...enjoy our misc pictures...Mount Vernon / Arlington /my mom's old store (no longer the cinnamon cellar / and Lisa.

University of Virginia

This post is dedicated to the Brown Family. Specially, George Brown.....Collin says he made it there first !!!

Washington DC Trip

The Price's Hit DC....man o mickey...Lisa has us walking all over DC...The White House / Washington Memorial / Vietnam Vet Memorial / Lincoln Memorial / Jefferson Memorial...I am TIRED !!!

Silver Bullets

Collin is the point guard for the Silver Bullets......1-8 for the season....BUT undefeated in the playoffs.......they have won their only game so far...hehehe. Eric...yeah Eric (5 on 5 Eric)...go to Photo Gallery..look up Air Baby Air!!!

New Years Eve .....2007 !

Did the New York "time frame" celebration...with the Bivins,Welks,Galvins,Beimfords,and Warners. May God Bless everyone in 2007 and may we give Him honor and glory.

Christmas 2006

Spent Christmas Eve in Jamul, CA at Chris's Mom's home. Sherry,Jan,Duke,Monique and Justin where there, along with us!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Remember....Jesus is the Reason for the Season. God Bless !!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isiah 41:10

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