Prom 2011

Cameron & Monika 2011 Prom

Mini Cooper JCW !!

John Cooper Works Mini!!  Go Kart on Steriods!!!  208 hp turbo charged / Sport Suspension & Shocks / drilled rotators/ engine!!! 

Irvine Track Invitational

2011 Track Season begins!! Brandon started his Sophomore year season running the mile and 2 mile races.  He ran Division 4 & 5 Varsity winning both races in personal bests!  1 mile 4:30 2 mile 9:43 We are EXCITED for the season!!!

Video of A Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel !!

....thanks Cameron for the post !

2011 Winter Formal

Both Cameron (Sr.)  and Brandon (Soph) attended St. Margs Winter Formal.....


State Champions Division 5 Cross Country - St. Margarets Episcopal Boys !!!! The first time in school history.....Brandon also got ALL STATE honors finishing in the top 10 !!! He got 7th as a sophmore. His 5k time was 16:10.  As a freshman on the same course he ran 17:29.....nice one year drop!!!  Chris, Grandpop Jim and Grandpop Ernie made the trip....see gallery of pictures!

CIF Champions !!! Boys Div 5 Crosscountry Champions St. Margarets !!!

BIG TIME for the boys....they won CIF !!!!  Brandon is ALL CIF with a individual overall finish of 4th!!! Top Sophmore in stoked.  Off to State next Saturday....possibly WIN STATE as well !!


Proud Proud Parent Time !!!! ....Cameron has made a decision.....he was choosing from Columbia Universtiy, MIT, SMU and UC San Diego.  He has been accepted and will be attending Dartmouth College!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! He will be attending the Ivy League School and be known as a 15 student (the year they graduate).....did I mention?, we are so proud and excited!!!!


CrossCountry has begun !!

Brandon is now a Sophmore and his team is super strong this year.......they may be the fastest team in the state for Division 5 !!!


Dolphin Restaraunt in Haena

A few family pics.....

Misc Photos....

Still working on photos this time around....must be getting old....too tired to take pictures after kiting for 2 hrs a day / boogie boarding for 1 hr / running with Brandon everyday 4-7 miles.....I am old, my body hurts.....BUT kiting tommorrow for two hours if the wind blows!!  Today was awesome, huge waves ...25-30 mph winds...good times good times.....took only 5 advils today.

Our Kauai Home !

Click Video Link....this is exactly where we stay...they are selling the property for $9 mil.......who wants to go in with us to buy it?


The Han Visit !!

It was great having my buddy Ed and family / friends stop by!!

Brandon Photos

Some underwater Shots !!

360 Degree BackRoll....yeah....

When in doubt ...throw the back roll !!


My Head

Off to Hawaii ....Here is my new you want to touch it ?

R.I.P. our dog Laura

It has been an emotional year for us ....we lost our corgie George just a few months Laura.  We really loved our corgies...Laura was one of the best dogs we ever had....August 16th, 2010

Jr. National Qualifier !!!!

Cameron made is first Jr. Nat Time Standard in the 200 Breaststroke.  He started the season at a 2:34...the standard was a 2:27.50.  At sectionals he was rested and tapered....his time: 2:24:89 !!!!!! WOW !!!  off the charts....He then got a bonus cut in the 400 IM.  I attached some pictures of both the sectional meet and the actual Jr. Nat Meet...enjoy! We are very proud of Cameron.

OH the HORROR !!! 7-Eleven Day Celebration turns UGLY!!

Where do I start ? ......As the crowd grew anxious, one could sense the tension in the air......Yes, it was July 11...or otherwise known as 7-11 Day.  As we came together for our annual 7-11 Day Celebration, we sat in the parking lot of 7-Eleven Food Store on 7-11 waiting for 7:11 pm to roll around it became painfully obvious patrons were exiting the store unhappy.  I ventured into the store around 7:00 pm (unwillingly before the 7:11 appropriate time) to find out from Kapoor (the clerk) that they had run out of the smaller sample cups used for FREE slurpees on this National Holiday.  Kapoor was clearly tired of the dissappointment of his customers and did not have the 7-Eleven welcoming attitude of past clerks.

 Not wanting our party to lose steam, I quickly sprung into my wallet to find enough greenbacks to buy everyone a slurpee......then all Hell broke lose...yes I said Hell.

As the frenzy to obtain the slurpees unfolded we lost track of how many patrons were in our group...other customers thought they were part of the free Chris Slurpees.....As I paid Kapoor for the 10 slurpees accusations starting flying...arms waving....voices raising....I ASK YOU...IS THIS WHAT 7-11 DAY is all about ???  The photo gallery captured the disturbing incident.....

George...Mar 26th 2001 - May 23rd 2010

Remembering our Buddy... 

Our male corgie, George, died today.

He was a great dog.


Brandon Freshman SuperStud

Brandon finished his League racing with PRs (Personal Records) in all of his events and qualified for CIF in both the mile and 2 mile!!!!  His mile time was 4:35 !!!  His two mile time was 10:09 (splits for two mile were 5:13 then 4:56 !).....stud.

Big Week for Cameron

Cameron had a great week at St. Marg School.....First he was one of only 7 Juniors to receive the induction to the Cum Laude Society for acadamic excellence.  The highest honor at St. Margarets Episcopal School.  Then, he turned to his sport and won the 200 IM and 500 Free at his League Finals, setting an all time League Record in the 500 Free.  CIFs are this week.......Way to Go Cameron !!!

SPI 2010

SPI2010 otherwise known as South Padre Island 2010.  Chris, Brandon, and Papa.  Oooooooo what a trip.

The Haircut !

Cameron is going to Florida for the Junior National Short Course Championships.......The Hair...The Head...The Haircut !!!!

Laminin !!!! The protein that holds your body together!!!

Hey, here is a video, 8 mins (you can do it) …it has over 2 million hits on you tube, where the speaker puts Laminin in his preaching.

Col 1:15-17

New International Version
He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. 17He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

King James Version
And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

English Standard Version
And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

KILLING !!! ......ducks.....boy o boy is Papa in High Heaven with his grandson!!

....this is it...the cherry on the sundae / the top of the mountain / the achievement of years and years of dreaming......Papa Jim has a hunting buddy.....Cameron!!!

Winter Formal at St. Marg !!

Nice formal dinner at the Price House, limo ride that seats 20, off to the dance....home by midnight.....Brandon escorted Emily.....good time had by all!!

Christmas 2009

2009 is, as the years roll, the site seems to take on so much more perspective.  The boys are in high school, Cameron is driving, Lisa and I are looking directly at 45 next year, life is rolling !!!

 Spent Christmas Eve at Dad's place / New Year's Eve was at our home with close friends / difficult as 2009 was in the economy and world, we truly felt God's Hand on our family & business.  We are excited for 2010 and what is in store.....enjoy the attached pics.

State Championship X-Country

Brandon's Varsity Cross Country Team at St. Margarets made the State Championship up in Fresno this weekend.  Brandon set a freshman school record for the 5k course.....17:18 !!!

Brandon was the only freshman on the varistiy team. The boys team got 6th place overall for Division 5.

 Awesome job Brandon!!

Thanksgiving 2009

So much to be Grateful For !!

 Got a group photo on the stairs the best we could......

 ..Janice, the peacon pie was outstanding!

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."

Proverbs 16:13

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